Agency History


Wendy’s grandfather, Ben Feldman, CLU®, began his career with New York Life in 1942 at the age of 30 while also forming The Feldman Agency. Ben continued his pursuit of helping individuals, families and business owners throughout the remainder of his life, until his passing at age 81 in 1993. During his 50 plus year career, Ben sold more than 1.8 billion dollars of insurance, creating wealth for his clients while protecting their families and businesses. In his prime, Ben was the first to sell 100 million dollars in a single year, and some 30 years into his career, he was selling more insurance himself than 83% of the 1800 insurance companies serving America at the time. Some 1/3 of his sales came after the age of 65 when most people from his era were retiring or already retired.

Ben became a legend in the insurance business and industry experts named him “The Greatest Life Insurance Salesman of all Time”. Ben is known for his success in setting “unattainable” sales targets and then achieving them by breaking down the steps. He was known to work between 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week, 50-52 weeks a year. When asked “what is the largest policy you have ever sold?” Ben would reply: “I haven’t sold it yet!” Ben has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, been the topic of several articles, authored Creative Selling for the 1990’s, and his selling approach was the main focus in The Feldman Method, written by Andrew H. Thomson. Ben’s “Power Phrases”, used during his career, became industry standards. Ben’s positive approach to a buyer’s interest rather than just selling policies is still emulated by agents today.

New York Life continues to honor Ben and his accomplishments. They proudly named the Ben Feldman Auditorium in their Manhattan Home Office after him. From there, The Feldman Forum, a New York Life sponsored estate planning advisor symposium, specifically designed for practicing attorneys, CPA’s and financial service professionals is held annually. The symposium is also simulcast live to every New York Life Office, where professionals from these industries are able to attend throughout the United States.

Ben didn’t only create legacies for others; he also built his own. His two sons, Richard and Marvin, eventually joined in their father’s business in his East Liverpool, Ohio Office.

A. Richard Feldman, CLU, ChFC, MBA. Wendy's father “Rich” began learning the insurance business while on the road with Ben on Saturdays collecting premiums from clients. Rich began working part time with New York Life in 1960 after graduating high school. The New York Life manager in Youngstown, Ohio helped obtain permission for a part time contract. While working part time, he attended and graduated from Youngstown State University and then earned his MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University. Rich was active in The Feldman Agency in East Liverpool, Ohio for more than 55 years, maintaining the success until his sudden passing in February 2016.


Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC. Marvin, Wendy’s uncle, started his career as an Agent with New York Life in Columbus, OH in 1967 immediately after graduating from Ohio State University. After 2 ½ years in the field, he transitioned into New York Life’s Management Program. In 1974 Marv returned to personal production in East Liverpool, Ohio. He is currently the President of the Feldman Financial Group in Clearwater, FL and President and CEO of the LIFE Foundation in Washington, DC.

Ben witnessed Wendy's success in the business before his passing. Now, three quarters of a century after Ben founded The Feldman Agency, Wendy proudly continues to carry on the family legacy through dedication, strong work ethic, and the desire to help people attain their goals. With Richard’s passing, Wendy is now at the helm of the office in East Liverpool, Ohio, as well as her office in Chandler, Arizona.